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About Al Nur Masjid

Serving the Muslim Community of Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Opened in 2008, Al-Nur Masjid has blossomed into a hub of spiritual, educational, and communal activities for Muslims in the region. We are home to one of the city's largest and most diverse congregations.

Mission Statement:

"At Al Nur Masjid, we aim to serve as a beacon of light for the Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana Muslim community, providing spiritual guidance, educational resources, and a supportive environment. We commit ourselves to fostering a growth, unity, and outreach space where everyone is welcome to learn, pray, and connect."

Vision Statement:

"Our vision is to enhance our services and programs for our diverse congregation and the broader community. We aspire to expand our educational initiatives, further our community outreach, strengthen our support systems for all individuals, and continually cultivate a welcoming, vibrant, and informed Muslim community."

Our Services Include:

  • Daily Activities: The mosque hosts the five daily prayers and the Friday Khutbah & and prayer, offering a constant source of spiritual nourishment.

  • Weekly Educational Sessions: Our commitment to religious education is evident in our regular sessions, including Tafsir on Tuesdays, Sirah on Fridays, Tajwid on Thursdays, and Aqeeda, Fiqh, and general Q&A on Saturdays.

  • Youth & Sisters Programs: We understand the importance of specialized spaces for different community segments, which is why we host unique programs for youth and sisters.

  • Sunday School: Our weekly Sunday school nurtures the Arabic language and various religious subjects for children and teens.

  • Community Outings: Our members enjoy periodic trips to local destinations, fostering community bonding and recreation.


  • A well-stocked small library and a community hall.

  • A spacious parking area that doubles as a sports and recreation zone featuring basketball, volleyball, and a trampoline.

  • Future plans include establishing a small park and further enhancements to our educational and recreational facilities.

Community Events:

  • From hosting an Open Mosque Day for non-Muslims to annual communal Eid celebrations, Al-Nur Masjid is a cultural and religious festivities center.

  • We offer marriage officiating and funeral services in accordance with Islamic guidelines and principles, supporting our community members in all life stages.

Looking Ahead:

Our vision for the future includes robust resources for new Muslims, upgraded community engagement initiatives, and enhanced educational offerings. We are committed to continued growth, unity, and outreach as we serve our expanding community. At Al Nur Masjid, we warmly welcome all to join us in faith, learning, and fellowship.

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Our Story

In response to the growing needs of our community, a dedicated group transitioned from a smaller space to our current, more spacious location. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in this significant move; may Allah reward them all.


Our leadership is a blend of experienced members who have been integral in establishing this masjid, alongside new members from our current congregation, all working together to serve and support our community.

The masjid has flourished in the years since our move, becoming a beacon of faith and friendship in the community. The spirit of unity and cooperation that fueled our relocation continues to guide our path today. Our community has thrived, undertaking new initiatives, enhancing our programs, and expanding our reach while holding firm to our faith's spiritual and moral foundations. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead to grow, serve, and strengthen the bonds of community and faith together.

Our Leadership/Board


Sh. Mustafa Abu Shweimeh



Br. Rachid Hamlouchi

Vice President

Sh. Ahmed Saydi


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