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السلام عليكم (Peace be upon you) Dear Community Members,

You’re warmly invited to Al Nur Mosque on March the 2nd, 2024 for an Open Mosque Day, a vibrant journey into the heart of our faith and fellowship. In partnership with GainPeace, we’re opening our doors to friends from all walks of life, inviting curiosity, fostering understanding, and celebrating diversity.

Experience the spirit of Islamic hospitality with a day packed full of activities:

  • Engaging Presentations 🎤

  • Exquisite Ethnic Food to Savor 🍲

  • Artistic Henna Designs 🌿

  • Traditional Arabic Calligraphy 🖋️

  • Mosque Tours revealing Architectural Marvels 🏛️

  • And many more cultural experiences!

This is your chance to ask questions, from "What is Islam?" to the role of Jesus in our faith. Try on a hijab, enjoy the tapestry of Islamic art, and leave with a gift bag full of surprises.

Our aim is to share not just our space but also our stories. Whether you're a seeker, a student of life, or simply curious, this day is for you. You'll discover the rich tapestry of Muslim culture and how it weaves into the American narrative.

Remember, while our event is open to all, we're extending a special invitation to our non-Muslim friends. Engage with us in open dialogue, discover the misconceptions, and connect over shared values.

No matter your background or beliefs, let's come together to learn from one another and celebrate the tapestry that is our community.

Please RSVP to secure your spot by filling out the below form.
We can't wait to meet you and share a day of knowledge, peace, and understanding.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan (May God reward you with goodness) for your open minds and hearts.

See you there!

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